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What is Teradata University for Academics?

Teradata University for Academics, in conjunction with Teradata (NYSE: TDC), hosts a variety of faculty workshops, student competitions, and through its web-based portal, provides faculty and students software and resources covering everything from analytics (BI), big data, data warehousing, to data science, ALL at NO COST to the university, faculty, or the students. A key to the success of Teradata University for Academics is that it is led by board of academics, ensuring the content will meet the needs of today's data and analytic programs.

What does Teradata University provide?

Teradata University provides resources to faculty to educate students on the latest Teradata analytics technology and those of several of our partners, to ensure the next generation workforce is ready for career opportunities, both within Teradata and with our customers. Utilizing resources on Teradata University gives students a taste of corporate reality through hands-on software experiences and case studies on some of the world’s largest companies.

Who is Teradata University for?

Used by students around the world, majoring in everything from information systems, management or computer science to finance, marketing or accounting. The software and resources support courses ranging from Introduction to IT at the undergraduate level to graduate and executive level courses in big data and analytics.  Through the website, Teradata and our partners provide professors design assignments using databases with millions of records. Faculty members are encouraged to contribute content for others to leverage in their classes.

Who is part of Teradata University?

Teradata University for Academics currently has more than 5,000 registered faculty members from over 2,700 universities in 118 countries. Our partners include technology companies like SAS, Dataiku, Tableau and other organizations including the University of Arkansas.  


OUR MISSION To be a premier academic resource where faculty and students have access to analytics and big data software and materials. To build an international community whose members share their ideas, experiences and resources. To serve as a bridge between academia and the world of practice through connections with Teradata's customers.