Department Chairs

Ian Tan, Ph.D.

Monash University, Malaysia
International Editor - Far East

Ian Tan is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Information Technology, Monash University Malaysia and serves on the Advisory Board of Teradata University for Academics. Prior to his academic appointments, he worked in various roles that provided him with a wide perspective of the technology industry, from microprocessor manufacturing, enterprise servers and storage solutions, broadcasting solutions, software development and telecommunications systems.

His current area of research is in multimedia analytics; ranging from plantation image analytics, information retrieval and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics.  He also has interest in the underlying technology of BlockChain. He is currently active in Palm Fruit Ripeness Classification (image analytics), Article Grading using SVM with feature engineering (text analytics), Recommender Systems (data analytics) and dynamic re-adjustment of difficulty for blockchain (BlockChain).

Ian holds a Ph.D. (I.T) from Multimedia University, an M.Sc. (Parallel Computers and Computation) from University of Warwick and a B.Eng. A.C.G.I. (Information Systems Engineering) from Imperial College London.