Emeritus Members

Robert Winter, Ph.D.

University of St. Gallen, Institute of Information Management
Teradata University Emeritus

Prof. Dr. Robert Winter is director of the Institute of Information Management, University of St. Gallen (www.iwi.unisg.ch), Switzerland, and director of HSG's post-graduate Masters of Business Engineering program (www.mbe.unisg.ch). He received Masters degrees in Business Administration (1984) and Business Education (1986) from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. As a research assistant with Goethe University from 1984 through 1994, he received Dr.rer.pol for his work in the field of multi-stage production planning (1989) and venia legendi for his work on formal semantics of conceptual information systems design (1994).

His research interests include business engineering/information systems development, information systems architectures, and particularly information logistics. In this field, he is responsible for the institute's competence center's data warehousing (datawarehouse.iwi.unisg.ch) and application integration management (aim.iwi.unisg.ch).