November 01, 2019

On behalf of Teradata University for Academics and its boards, and our Data Challenge non-profit partner, Hire Heroes USA, we are happy to announce our 2019 Analytics & Data Challenge Winners! 
We received over 50 submissions from across the globe and selected 16 outstanding teams as finalists to compete in Denver, CO at the Teradata Universe Conference (Oct 20-24).
ALL finalists presented their cases in front of their peers and industry attendees along with poster presentations, and winners were selected by esteemed judges and by conference attendees via mobile voting.

2019 Analytics Challenge Winners

Overall Winner: Lawrenceville School (high school), New Jersey
Johann Lee, Alen Alshinbayev
Topic: "​Is Legalisation of Cannabis for Adults Harming Teenagers?"

People's Choice Winner: Asia Pacific University, Malaysia
​Vijaya Shree Raja Sekaran
Topic: "​Dynamic Pricing in E-commerce Sector​"

Best Analytics & Visualization Winner: Loyola University Chicago
​Nick Damato, Grace Sperr, Allison Heithoff, Varsha Kalangari, Eric Stepanovic
Topic: "What Bike-sharing Data Reveals about Chicago’s Socio-Economic Landscape"

2019 Data Challenge Winners

Overall Winner: Washington University St. Louis
​Wenchen Sun, Peiyilin Shen, Jingxuan Zhou

People's Choice Winner: University of California San Diego
Winner of Most Value to Hire Heroes USA: University of California San Diego

​​Cheng Gong, Jinrong Gong, Cheng Shen, Zheng Hao Tang, Yujie Xu

Teradata Technology Award Winner: NIDA Business School Thailand
​​​Veerut Pathsuwan, ​Natee Panomchokpisal, ​Krittitara Sanguanchart

For more details of this announcement, and complete presentations of winners and finalists, please click HERE

Congratulations to ALL students from all over the globe who participated in 2019 Challenges!