May 06, 2019
Earlier this year, one of our board members, Dr. Lancie Affonso participated in the Booz Allen Hackathon as the judge for the final round of the competition. Dr. Affonso had 10 of his freshmen students from College of Charleston's new data science learning community competed in this competition. The hackathon will also have a separate high school category next year.
The datasets that were used were from Kaggle and are publicly available (link to each datasets are listed below).
The four goals chosen, as well as a short synopsis of the data participants were given, are as follows:
  1. Quality Education: The dataset we chose for this goal contains education statistics around the world from 1970-2014. Things such as levels of education made available, completion rates, teachers, literacy rates, etc. All in all, it’s over 4000 different data points surrounding education.Link to dataset
  2. Affordable and Clean Energy: The dataset we chose for this goal contains information about energy consumption across different categories (wind, solar, nuclear, coal, etc.) for countries around the world in usages such as production, trade, conversion, and final consumption rates among others. Link to dataset
  3. Sustainable Cities and Communities: The dataset we chose for this goal contains information about hazardous air pollutants/toxins that were measured daily by the EPA from 1990 to 2017 by Country, (and if applicable) State, and City. It contains what the pollutants/toxins were as well as what their measured levels were. It also contains “exceptional events” that may have contributed such as wildfires or other disasters.Link to dataset
  4. Climate Action Link to dataset