Welcome to Teradata University international initiatives page
With Teradata University's global reach of more than 5,000 registered faculty members from over 2,700 universities in 118 countries, we realize that there is a need to start building more resources catered to our international audiences.

Teradata University International Initiatives page is aimed to create a space for more region-specific contents and highlight Teradata University's international outreach through our annual Data Challenge and Analytics Challenge competitions and various data/analytics events outside the US.

We are very fortunate to have four of Teradata University board members who are specifically focused on and are promoting Teradata University and its resources in their respective regions below. They will be your point of contacts for any inquiries on their respective region(s). Let's meet them!

Dr. Paul Cao (University of California, San Diego) - China
Email: yic242@eng.ucsd.edu 
Dr. Barbara Dinter (Chemnitz University of Technology) - Germany 
Email: barbara.dinter@wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de

Dr. Lakshmi Iyer (Appalachian State University) - India
Email: iyerls@appstate.edu

Dr. Ian Tan (Multimedia University) - Malaysia and Southeast Asia
Email: ian@mmu.edu.my 

We will start with the main regions above and gradually add more regions in the future. As you all are aware, Teradata University is a collaborative environment, therefore, in order to have robust and rich resources, we need your help to share your contents! If you are a faculty outside of the US and have samples of teaching notes, homework assignments, and other materials that you are willing to share on this page, please email: yenny.yang@teradata.com or submit your content HERE

Below are some highlights of our international outreach:

ESCP Europe team won the 2018 Data Challenge People's Choice Award by analyzing datasets provided by our non-profit partner, National Multiple Sclerosis Society. These students were invited to present at Teradata Analytics Universe conference in Las Vegas and they came from Morocco, France, Taiwan and South Africa!

The university marketing team created this video where the above winning students were interviewed on-site in Las Vegas right after they were announced as winners. Check it out HERE!
*Thank you ESCP Europe for producing this video and for allowing us to share it with Teradata University community!

(L-R: Fahd Lemhaider, Marie Tourdes, Chiao-Ann Tsai, Anke Joubert)d3.jpg
Q1 events where Teradata University and its resources were presented:
  • Feb 8-9, 2019 International Conference on Digital Economy - Transforming Society, Government,  and Lives  - AIS India Chapter's Inaugural Conference by Indian Institute of Management Raipur, India (Dr. Lakshmi Iyer)
  • Feb 12th  and 13th - Teradata University Presentations at Madras Christian College, Chennai, India (Dr. Lakshmi Iyer)
Upcoming international events where Teradata University board members will be attending and/or presenting: