Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Question 1: How does one officially register to participate in TUN Student Challenge?

Each team (1-5 students) needs to complete the appropriate form and submit by the deadline of May 31, 2019. You are encouraged to download the appropriate form now and review the requirements. Visit Student Competitions under Community on and click on either Data or Analytics Challenge. The form is available now.

Question 2: Is having a faculty advisor mandatory for every student submission?

Yes. Students are not allowed to submit without a faculty advisor. If your project was not done as part of a class, you are encouraged to share it with a faculty member prior to submission. Your university must be aware of your submission and may be able to assist with travel support if selected as a finalist.

Question 3: How many student teams one faculty advisor be a part of?

One faculty advisor may advise NO MORE than three (3) different student teams PER institution/university PER competition. 

This is to ensure that the best submissions from each university are entered in the annual competition.

Question 4: Will TUN provide scholarship for all student finalists if we have 3 people on our team?

The scholarship will be provided for ONE main student presenter, and ONE faculty advisor. If the faculty advisor is unable to attend, we will re-allocate the faculty advisor's scholarship to include as additional student finalist from the team. *Special discounted academic rates are available for additional students and faculty to attend the conference.

Question 5: What does the TUN scholarship include?

TUN Scholarship covers the conference registration fee, conference meals, and gala events for both the main student presenter and the faculty advisor ($2395 value each). Students and faculty will be responsible for their own travel and lodging costs.

*Special discounted academic rates are available for additional students and faculty to attend the conference.

Question 6: I am due to graduate in the Fall of 2019. Can I still enter the competition?

The main student submitting for the competition MUST be actively enrolled in FALL 2019 (Aug-Dec). Other team members may have graduated, but if the team is selected as a finalist, there must be a CURRENT student must be able to attend the conference and present.

Question 7: I have a lot to analyze, so my presentation will have 20 pages. However, we will be sure to present it within the time limit allowed. Is this OK?

No. For each competition, the page/slide submissions limits must be strictly followed to ensure a level playing field.

For the Data Challenge & Analytics Challenge, the PowerPoint presentation has to be no more than 10 slides capturing the visualizations and analytical work of the team. Additional detail should be provided in the Executive Summary.

Question 8: What do we actually have to do if selected as a finalist?

The main student(s), limit of 2, will be formally presenting their team’s submissions on Oct 20-21, 2019 at the Teradata Analytics Universe Conference in Denver, CO, with the other finalists.  Each finalist session will include 5 finalists presentations and the session length is only 45 minutes, therefore, at the conference, teams are limited to 5 minute presentations.  Your ability to effectively present your work within an allotted timeframe is a critical part of the competition.

In addition, the entire team will be presenting a poster for all conference attendees to learn about their projects. All teams selected as finalists will receive additional coaching and feedback on final presentations prior to the conference and onsite.

Keep in mind! Attendees will be casting votes for several of the awards on the mobile app so finalists will need to be able to engage with the data and analytics professional attending the conference. 

Winners will be announced at the Student Celebration event on the evening of Oct 22 (official date/time TBD). All attendees are encouraged to remain at the conference until Wednesday morning to attend sessions and network with attendees, if funding and schedules permit.

Question 9: How do I officially accept a finalist selection?

Once you are selected to be a finalist, you have to officially confirm acceptance by replying to your finalist notification email. The deadline is July 31, 2019. This will allow time for conference registration & hotel reservations to be confirmed.  A minimum of one student is required to attend the conference to present the team’s work.

Faculty sponsors are encouraged, but not required to attend the conference.

Reminder: Scholarship covers conference registration, events and meals. Travel and lodging are the responsibility of finalists/university.

Question 10: What if I am selected as an Honorable Mention?

Teams selected as honorable mentions will be recognized by Teradata and receive DIGITAL BADGES. If finalists are unable to attend the conference, they may be invited to attend and compete at the conference.

Data Challenge FAQ

Question 1: Where should one obtain the data dictionary/metadata pertaining to the Hire Heroes datasets?

The data dictionary will be available on the Data Challenge section on TUN website on and after Feb 1, 2019.

Question 2: Would we need to answer ALL of the business questions from the organization based on the data provided, or are we able to focus on one or two business questions and provide deeper analysis?

The business questions are provided as your general guidelines. You are not encouraged to answer ALL of them. You should choose one or two business questions maximum to use and base your analysis on. Keep in mind the more you address the less slides you have to represent your findings.  The slide limits for submissions are very strict and any teams not following them will be disqualified.

Question 3: Are there any rules about which analytics tools I use?

Teams are allowed to use any analytic tools in their projects, they just need to be noted on your submission.  Teams leveraging Teradata technology (Teradata database via SQL Assistant or Aster) will automatically be eligible for the Teradata Technology Award. 

Analytics Challenge FAQ

Question 1: Are there any rules about where I get my data or which analytics tools I use?

Data for the Analytics challenge can be acquired from public data sources, through university corporate partners, or your university.  If you have a question about your specific data, please contact us.  

Teams are allowed to use any analytic tools in their projects, they just need to be noted on your submission.  

Teams leveraging Teradata technology (Teradata database via SQL Assistant or Aster) will automatically be eligible for the Teradata Technology Award.

Question 2: How much detail can we provide in our submission?

Per the submission form, you have a limit of 3 pages to describe the details of your project and an additional two pages for your best data visualizations.  Submissions that cannot present their projects in a succinct manner that is within these guidelines will not be accepted and sent to reviewers for potential finalist selection.

If you have additional questions, please send them to