Teradata University Network, working with several of Teradata’s partners, provides registered faculty and students FREE hands-on access to the latest software and tools. 

Teradata Database

  • Access Teradata Database software and documentation for your classes.
  • Download data sets from leading data management textbooks, charity and technology partners.
  • Learn the power of Teradata through Teradata SQL Assistant/Web Edition
  • Upload up to 3 GB of their own data onto the TUN Teradata System
  • Access hundreds of Fuzzy Logix in-database algorithms on Teradata 

Data Visualization

  • With one click faculty and students can access SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics, exercises, videos and more.
  • Partnering with Tableau, we provide quick exercises to help get started today!

Additional Hands on Resources

  • Registered members will have access to exercises and assignments for Tableau, IBM Watson Analytics, and more
  • With ERD Plus you have quick and easy access to dimensional modeling 
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