Capstone Projects in Sports Analytics

In this series of postings, Dr Dave outlines some interesting capstone project possibilities for students. These are based on discussions with coaches, trainers, faculty and students at a variety of schools as he travels across the country to speak on sports analytics. Each of these is designed to be a one semester project. Each writeup highlights "the problem", suggests some sources of background reading, and poses a few analytics questions. Many of these projects are designed to foster interactions with your own athletic department so that business school or stats or computer science students can contribute their analytic skills to helping your university.
Submitted By: Dave K Schrader - Teradata University

All athletic departments spend considerable amounts of time and money on recruiting student athletes. In this capstone project proposal, we highlight the problem (e.g., 5000 football players as possible recruits), the process (much like the sales pipeline/funnel problem: interactions, multi-channel contacts, response measurement) and propose a variety of analytical studies that could be used to improve coach and admissions effectiveness. Every school needs this kind of help, so it's a possible way for students in the business school/stats/computer science to broach an interaction with your own athletic department.

Submitted By: Dr Dave Schrader
Citation: Teradata University Network, Sports Analytics, Capstone Projects

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