Hands-on Exercise “Setting up and Testing a Hadoop Cluster”

The hands-on exercise guides students in setting up a distributed Hadoop cluster by means of Apache Ambari. The exercise has been designed for student group work, consisting of 2-3 students in each group.

At the end of the exercise, the students have realized an operative, dedicated and real distributed system. Furthermore, the students experience the two Hadoop core components, namely the 'Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)' and 'Hadoop MapReduce', and can get a real sense of them. They also get familiar with the Hadoop applications 'Apache Ambari' and 'Apache Pig'.

Using a real cluster allows the students to better understand the core philosophy of horizontal scaling of systems. The teaching notes provide additional instructions and explanations for faculty.
Submitted By: Barbara Dinter - Chemnitz University of Technology

Hands-on exercise "Setting Up and Testing a Hadoop Cluster" - handout for students

Submitted By: Barbara Dinter, Robert Krawatzeck
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Hands-on exercise "Setting Up and Testing a Hadoop Cluster" - teaching notes (including the handout for students)

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